• its a long walk back
    its a long walk back
  •  Another one bites the  dust
    Another one bites thedustst


                   TEAMS FOR THE WEEKEND                                                  

1st X1  away to                  2nd XI Home  to                           

 Wakefield St Michaels           Yeadon                            

R. Ahmed (capt)                     R. Monaghan (capt)

A Hussain                               A. Monaghan

S. Rashid                                 R Clark

O Boken                                  R Lumb

T.Suleman  (wktkpr)                T.Ormondroyd

A Hussain                                J Higgins

G Ahmed                                  T. Hoyle

G Khartik                                 W Robinson

M Hafeez                                  R Barker

U.Farooq                                   D Abbott

R Ali                                          J Tucker 

                            same 11 plus L Walsh for Priestley Shield on Sunday 1st Sept 12 noon start

                            Final 11 will be picked after saturdays game v yeadon






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