Officials 2018


President: Mr John Bleazard

Chairman: Mr Brian Lymbery


Hon. Vice Presidents

Mrs S Amos, Mr D.B.Bentley, Mr J.C.Bleazard, Mr D.Booth, Mr R.Davis  Rev.R Davidson,

 Mr R.T.Ellis, Mrs M.Greenwood, Mr B. Hodgkinson, Mr B.Lymbery, Mr G Simpson, Mrs J.Winder.


Hon. Life Members

Mrs S.Amos,  Mr D.B.Bentley, Mrs C.E.Boddy, Mr D. Booth,  Mr R.Greenwood, Mrs G.Hambly,  Mr M.Loker,

 Mrs J.Routh, Mrs C.Springthorpe, Mrs E.Waterhouse,


Hon Secretary: Mr G A Bannister

Hon Financial Secretary: Mr E P Brady

Hon Subscription Secretary: Mr C Walsh


General Committee


Matthew Anderson, Kevin Blakeley, Lyndsey Davis, Alison Ledgard, Richard Harrison,

Phil McKirgan, Steve Rand, Eric Roberts,  Christine Spence. 


The first meeting of the EBCC General Committee agreed that the following Sub-Committees would deal with various aspects of club business. Any problems or enquiries would be best addressed initially to any member of the Sub-Committee, or to the club officers or a Vice-President.


FINANCE             Chair - John Bleazard,

Eddie Brady, Brian Lymbery, Tony Bannister, Sue Amos, Phil McKirgan, Steve Rand

BAR                 Chair - Sue Amos

 Brian Lymbery, Eddie Brady.

SOCIAL             Chair - Lynsey Davis,

Eric Roberts, Christine Spence, Sue Amos.

SENIOR CRICKET Chair - Ray Davis,

Brian Lymbery, Matt Anderson,  Ross Monaghan.

JUNIOR CRICKET Lead member – Paul Moran,

 Peter Brook, Derek Robinson. -- 

LEAGUE REP                    Ross Monaghan.

GROUND              Chair - Philip McKirgan,

Eddie Brady, Dave Booth, Kevin Blakeley.

LADIES             Chair - Sue Amos,

Judith Winder, Christine Spence.

HOUSE                         Chair - Kevin Blakeley,

Philip McKirgan, Dave Booth.

SPONSORSHIP             Chair - Alison Ledgard

 Lynsey Davis, Matt Anderson.

PR (Website/Social Media)    John Bleazard, Eddie Brady. Richard Harrison


FUTURE DEVELOPMENT  John Bleazard, Brian Lymbery, Tony Bannister.





 We Thank the following members for their kind Patronage of EBCC

Mrs S Amos, Mr M Asquith, Mr G Bell, Mrs J Bell, Mr J Bleazard, Mr D Booth, Mr A Brown, Mrs J Causton, Mr A Clark, Mr R T Ellis, Mr R T Harrison, Mr M Heward, Mr D Hopkin,

Mr D Horsfall, Mrs B Horsfall, Mr D Howarth, Mrs J Howarth, Mr B Lymbery, Mrs S Lymbery, Mr P. Maltby, Mr T McGrath, Mr P McKirgan, Mr P Milner, Mr P Mortimer, Mr N G Newby,

Mr S Rand, Mrs P Rand, Mr G Padgett,

Mr R A Rowe, Mrs P Scott-Rowley, Mrs C Spence, Mr C Springthorpe, Mrs C Springthorpe, Mr J Sykes, Mr M Thomis (Aus), Mr M Walwyn, Mrs E Waterhouse,

Mr N Ward (NZ), Mr I Watson, Mrs S Watson, Mr P R Woodhead.


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