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Social Media Policy

East Bierley Cricket Club makes use of Social Media to further its aims, publicise its activities and communicate with Members.

The use of Twitter, Facebook and similar facilities can be useful, constructive and positive. However, such posts are effectively publication into the public domain and a little common sense is required in their use.

This document sets out the Club’s policy on social media, and in particular how to make the most of social media and judge what is and is not appropriate.


The Club does not tolerate insulting, offensive, obscene, injurious or false content as this can be dangerous and harmful to people’s wellbeing and reputation as well as bringing the Club into disrepute.

We will not tolerate any malicious communications, harassment or discrimination through social media.

This applies to Members, Officials, Employees and Players.

Misuse of social media may be treated as a disciplinary matter.


Before you post, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would saying this be acceptable if I was saying it out loud to all the people who may read it?
  • Would I want my boss, my family or my coach to see this? “Views expressed are my own” won’t stop them being embarrassed or change the opinions they form.
  • Would a newspaper publish this? If the answer is no, it probably breaks libel or defamation law.
  • Am I 100% certain this is acceptable? If in doubt, leave it out.
  • Before sharing or retweeting, would I write this myself and do I endorse it? If the answer is no, don’t share it. Retweeting or sharing is just the same as posting it yourself.
  • How would I feel if someone wrote this about me? If you wouldn’t like it, don’t post it.

Do not use social media to make malicious, insulting, offensive, obscene or false statements regarding our players, coaches, officials, volunteers or spectators. Don’t use obscene or profane language as by definition it will offend some people.

This applies regardless of whether:

  • you are posting yourself or sharing someone else’s post,
  • the Club or an individual is tagged in the post or not
  • the communication is by word, photograph, video or any other form.
  • the post is anonymous or not.


Published by the Committee

30th November 2015

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